Dear Diary,

What a day I had! I almost broke my run of bad luck by making it into work on time, except for having to stop for diesel this morning. Though I did share a rather dishy glance with a biker over the pumps, he couldn’t take his eyes off me. I’m sure I would have pulled had I remembered to take off my shower cap! I’ve always gotten looks wherever I’ve gone, some would consider it a gift, except men seem to find my star like looks intimidating… I wish I could turn it off sometimes!

When I got into my office, after a shot of my usual hangover mix red bull with the double espresso and a dollop of tobasco sauce (patent pending)… I was buzzing…totally in the zone! My spider sense told me that today was the day I was going to nail Billy Jones.

Billy AKA my Moby Dick, a treasure trove of QOF points wrapped in an old anorak was due to shuffle in anytime for a refill on his Viagra script. I pounced like a cowgirl, undressed him, checked his BP, BMI and jabbed him with a flu shot in the rear…yeeeah! “But I never get the flu”, he exclaimed, as if that’s the point!

Of course, if there is any time left after all the box ticking then we are happy to dish out some medical care.

Points mean prizes! I rewarded him by letting him show us his bunion, Dr. Strop prescribed the necessary rub.

At closing time, I was spent. Every day I give my mind body and soul to this job. I am confident that this year we will beat our all time record of 450 points. I don’t do it for the fame or glory. Doing a great job is a reward in itself.

Time for a nightcap x

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