Hello Doctors,

It has been a sizzling hot summer for locums – we have never seen anything like it!

Following on from the harsh drought of the Covid period, the sugar clouds have rolled in and they are pouring down on the locum landscape. It’s a great time to be a locum GP!

Our average session rate has been around £115/hr with a record breaking £200/hr for some sessions.

How do we do it? Frankly locums are in demand, however due to our super low-cost model, the benefits are being transferred to your pocket!

In the News

We were recently featured in “Meet the Makers”.

Meet the makers! Dr Imran Malik talks to us about his creation: Elocum24.

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What’s New?

We always try our best to act on feedback and development requests, you may have noticed an uplift of home visit rates to £40/visit.

Some road warriors have asked us to increase the range of search features from 40 miles to 200 miles which we have done!

What’s Cooking?

We are focusing on improving the loading speeds of the search pages and improving the user experience.

We will update you soon on developments that are coming up.

Spread the Love

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