Easy to use online service provides time-saving benefits for GP Locums and Surgeries.

Our Values

Elocum24 promotes transparency and fairness in the locum jobs market. Our ideals are to make life much simpler for locums and help surgeries to save money by cutting out agency fees. Elocum24 is an online market place where locums can browse jobs, whether it is nearer to home or working holiday near the coast; we are removing geographical barriers and allowing fluidity in working.

Over the years surgeries have had to pay significant amount to the agencies, but we do not charge ANYTHING for using our service, making them an instant saving of typically 30-40%, whilst still offering locums the best prices in the market. Locums also enjoyour services for free..

You may wonder how we keep charges free?

99% of the service is automated,our "robots"will do the work; so you don't need to be computer savvy to use the system as it is intuitive and easy. The database driven site is based on a click system, so for example, the booking process, creating invoices; route planning can all be done by only three clicks.

Here is some more info, Surgeries can add multiple users, branches, send locums text and view locum docs online. We have bucket loads of functions and continue to add more by the day….so you just have to sign up and take a look!

Privacy is very important to us so we redact sensitive information from uploaded documents such as passport numbers, home addresses etc.

Our team

Dr Imran Najmi is a GP. He undertook training at Kings College London, VTS in Birmingham and now lives and locums near to Manchester. He had his eureka moment about 4 years ago, whilst working as a single handed principal in Walsall, since then he has been developing and designing Elocum24.

"I think everyone needs a passion in life and mine is E24, I have immensely enjoyed developing it. Bringing something into the world and watching it blossom is an amazing feeling. I wanted to create a system that I could use in my locum work and as I thought about it more I realised that it is an unusual situation that locum GPs are sometimes traversing large distances and often bypassing work that may be available on their own doorstep- it was just impossible to get a bird eye view on where the work is.

One of my favourite quotes is from Steve Jobs when he said that "anyone can design a complicated system, but success is when you make something complicated into something simple".

This is the challenge I savoured the most, as I researched more I became obsessed with simplicity and wanted a system that could withstand a checkout challenge, which means people making bookings whilst simultaneously shopping in a checkout at ASDA!

With an amazing team of developers and graphics designers we have streamlined E24 and are constantly updating and developing the site. We are bursting with new ideas and adding more tools all the time. Please join and experience the exciting changes with us….drop any ideas to us and who knows, we may add it to our wish list!

Our History

We launched the site in 2013 and have had a growing list of users, mainly in the North West and Midlands area. This year we have launched a new version of Elocum24, with new code and and a cleaner design - in our opinion it is slicker and faster! Living at a time where time is the greatest commodity and people are always on the go, we have adapted E24 to work just as easily on a mobile as on PC. We hope you enjoy E24 and its features.