Last Friday was a nightmare, the locum we had in was  more demanding than my latest ex!

These doctors look so young now a days, I had him produce a driving license just to make sure he was legal.

Thank goodness Dr Strop doesn’t take leave often, why he has had to go to Iceland of all places to “marvel” at the Northern lights is anyone’s guess.

“Can I get the username and password for the computer”, he says to me, I was baffled, hasn’t he done computer GCSEs, surely he should know that the username is always admin and password is password1.

I usually leave all that technical stuff to Marge, who’s away for 2 weeks, in Iceland coincidentally!

After lunch he comes at me again “Have you got any urine dip sticks?” I looked at him in UTTER disbelief “can’t you just hold the pot up to the light?” I exclaimed.  If all these young whipper snappers had some rudimentary training in the jungles of the Congo like our dear Dr Strop, they’d be able to think on their feet.

After a very hectic Friday, finally kicking out the man from pest control I felt it was my duty to take this young doctor aside for 5 mins and impart some much needed guidance, it was a real eye opener, even he had to admit that he has never seen a surgery run quite like it. If I had a pound for every time I heard that I’d be a millionaire!

After all this pastoral care and keeping this place ship shape, I was completely shattered, I almost needed wheeling out myself, this jobs going to drive me crazy one of these days!

xx Edna

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